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Healthy Planet, Better World

Healthy Planet Better World is a conference organised by the organisation Medact and the health community which revolves around current environmental issues.

In 2016, Creative Opportunities was commissioned to create a promotional video for the conference and to document six talks from keynote speakers. 

You can watch the highlights from the forum in our promotional video, by clicking here.

You can watch the six talks from keynote speakers below. 

In the first video, David Powell discusses a partnership between the New Economic Foundation and the African Centre for a Green Economy looking at the dynamics between economic inequality and sustainability in four case studies from around Kenya. Click here to watch David Powell’s talk.

In the second video, Kate Rowarth asks, ‘could doughnuts actually be good for us?’ and talks about why it’s time for a new version of human prosperity. Click here to watch Kate Rowarth’s talk.

In the third video, Kevin Anderson talks about how informed hope and action can trump despair. He looks at the opportunities and barriers for speeding up the process of decarbonising the future. Click here to watch Kevin Anderson’s talk.

In the fourth video, Kinari Webb talks about her organisation’s work improving the lives of people in the communities around Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo through increased and affordable health care, decreased logging of the park and introduction of alternative incomes sources. Click here to watch Kinari Webb’s talk.

In the fifth video, Annie Quick explains some of the issues around inequality and the environment in the UK and offers some hope for the future. Click here to watch Annie Quick’s talk.

In the sixth video, John Lanchbery talks about the COP21 Paris Agreement and what progress has been made towards the agreed goals. Click here to watch John Lanchbery’s talk.

Medact is an independent organisation that supports health professionals from all disciplines to work together towards a world in which everyone can truly achieve and exercise their human right to health. Click here to go to Medact’s website and learn more about them.

Photos from the conference (with alt text) are below.