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We have been privileged to work on numerous occasions with FORWARD, a women-led organisation working to end violence against women and girls. We facilitated a four-day programme in filmmaking and digital campaigning to their End FGM European Network Youth Ambassadors who travelled to London from several European countries. 

All the participants on the four-day programme were survivors of FGM and/or from practicing communities. Their primary aim was to produce a 10-part YouTube series about FGM that challenged the victimhood that is imposed on survivors of FGM, and ideas imposed by Western observers that FGM is a form of child abuse. We taught them teamwork, scripting, camerawork and editing skills, as well as how to deliver impactful social media marketing and draft a communications strategy. 

Their YouTube series, The Purple Chair, can be watched by clicking this link. 

We have subsequently delivered several workshops each year about digital campaigning and advocacy at their conferences and training days for young women enrolled on their leadership and other programmes. 

You can find out more about FORWARD on their website by clicking here.