Paid Work Placement at Woodburner Music

APPLICATION FORM: Woodburner Music – Marketing Manager 

Woodburner Music is looking for a motivated Marketing Manager to help grow their exciting events programme and promote their shows to their music loving audiences. If you’re based in Islington, aged 18-25 and looking to develop your career in music marketing, then read on…

Woodburner Music creates unique live music events, bringing top-quality acts to beautiful and undiscovered venues. Their flagship event is a summer season at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, which runs each week from June to September. They run regular events at The Jago, Fox & Firkin and The Post Bar, as well as programming music at festivals such as Wilderness and HowTheLightGetsIn. 

a video showing artists performing at Dalston Curve Garden, featuring audience members dancing in a wooded grove.

Job description  

  • Managing content such as photos, videos and flyers.  
  • Managing our social media calendar, creating and scheduling posts, including announcing new shows and promoting existing ones.  
  • Writing and sending email newsletters to promote specific shows, as well as our monthly newsletter. 
  • Running paid social ads on Instagram and Facebook and analysing their performance.  
  • Running paid ads on Google and analysing their performance.  
  • Establishing relationships with print media and local media to promote Woodburner as a brand and specific events.  
  • Working responsively to sales in order to tailor marketing campaigns with tangible results.   
  • Managing sales budgets to optimise efficiency and audience response. 
  • Monitoring ticket sales for our programme of upcoming events with the team.  
  • Designing responsive marketing strategies to ensure all our shows are sold out.  
  • Feeding back to the programme team regarding the success of each booking, to inform future bookings.  

Skills & Experience  


  • Social media management  
  • Paid social media marketing (Instagram/Facebook)  
  • Google advertising  
  • Content creation  
  • Excellent time management  
  • Passion for live music  
  • Interpersonal skills  
  • Nurturing key marketing relationships  
  • Working collaboratively within a small team  
  • Willing to hit targets and achieve great results  


  • PR experience  
  • Writing press releases  
  • Press contacts in online and print media  
  • Knowledge of London live music scene  
  • Event experience 

Additional details 

Working hours will be agreed with the successful candidate. 


If you’d like to apply, please complete this brief application form to tell us why you should be given the opportunity and how it fits in with your interests and goals. You must be an Islington resident and aged between 18-25 to be eligible to apply. 

If you would like to apply by some other means or if you have any other questions, please get in touch with us to via: [email protected] 

Successful applicants will be invited to a short and informal remote interview with staff from Woodburner Music and Creative Opps to be scheduled for the 13th of July 2023, before we make a final decision. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!