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(re)Write the Narrative: Sharing Decolonial Practice in European Youth Education.

In 2020, we joined the Erasmus+ funded strategic partnership project: (re)Write the Narrative: Sharing Decolonial Practice in European Youth Education

The partnership works on the exchange of good practice that highlights the ties between today’s structural and ideological inequalities to European colonial activity.

The counter narratives that this project brings together show that Europe is not – and has never been – a self-contained entity but a global endeavour.

The project aims to build a network that shares knowledge and develops a common language for youth education about post-colonialism and decolonisation. Each partner also invites youth work practitioners and educators, who are associated with our organisations, to enrich training activities. These activities are linked by an interim period of local activities, in which the topics are tested and debated with young people in the field. 

The last phase of the project is dedicated to local and online dissemination activities that make the results of the Strategic Partnership available for the greater public and the youth education community in particular.