Our staff have an extremely broad and constantly growing network of mentors who want to use their knowledge, skills, and experience to support young people with their own ambitions. We have worked with activists, social entrepreneurs, and all manner of creatives, matching them with young people who have gone on to develop their own projects or secure long-term roles in industries of their choosing. 

We’re proud of the many success stories we have to tell about our programmes, and our mentoring initiative is no different:

‘T’ wanted to make a documentary about Drill music, but felt he lacked the confidence he needed to engage with groups that he wanted to be a part of the project. His mentor, a documentary producer, supported him to believe in himself and realise that he had something important to say. ‘T’ later went on to take part in one of our work placements with On the Corner Films. He said, “I don’t talk much so people think I don’t have much to say, so it was good to have strategies so I could feel better about saying what was in my head. With my mentor’s help and the On the Corner experience, I did things I didn’t expect this year and both helped me feel good about myself. They made me think that maybe some of the ideas I had were good ideas.”

‘E’ was a sixth-form student who was looking for a mentor to help her navigate her next steps after college. She really made use of the one-to-one sessions with her mentor, who supported her to draw up an outline for her goals and how to achieve them. ‘E’ went on to set up her own business selling naturally sourced hair products designed specifically for people of colour. She would later receive a grant from Creative Opportunities’ Young Catalyst programme to help her grow the business. She said, “my mentor knew exactly how to go over my strengths and identify what I felt most passionate about. I felt comfortable with her and could ask her questions without feeling too self-conscious. Overall, I really enjoyed the mentoring and it really helped me make decisions about my future.”

‘B’ found our programme via Soapbox Youth Club, and reached out looking for a mentor to help him learn more about branding, social media, and the wider marketing industry. His mentor managed to secure him a four-week internship with ‘Don’t Panic’, which resulted in glowing references for ‘B’s CV, and meant he was able to secure further work beyond the life of the programme, including an internship at Creative Opportunities CIC. He said, “I had all these things in my head about why I couldn’t do the job, but after being mentored I felt like I wasn’t that far away from working in branding or marketing, or even starting my own thing.”

If you would like to sign up to be a mentee, please contact us to let us know a bit about yourself and how you feel a mentor could benefit you. 

If you are interested in mentoring a young person, please contact us to give us some information about your experience and what you think you could bring to a mentee.

We aim to review expressions of interest on a quarterly basis, and will try to find a match within one month of this review.