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Creative Opps Mentoring Programme 2024

We’re currently recruiting our next cohort for 2024’s edition of Creative Opps’ flagship mentoring programme. We will be pairing 15 budding creatives, who are between the ages of 16 – 25 and have connections to the Islington area, with professionals that have long standing experience in the industry. 

Over six months, they’ll meet for two hours a month, remotely or in person – we will cover travel and food where necessary – and forge a bespoke mentee/mentor relationship. As a mentee, you will be self-starting and passionate and your mentor will help you anchor your aspirations and ambitions. As a mentor, it’s also an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve achieved, re-negotiate your understanding of an ever-changing industry, and most importantly, give back by supporting a young and inquisitive mind. 

A 2023 study showed that less than 25% of young people had been given any guidance from school, college, or university about how to get into the creative sector (Ravensbourne University London). At Creative Opps, our core belief is that progress comes through collaboration at all stages in professional lives. Sharing our experiences and successes can provide inspiration and, crucially, sharing difficulties we’ve faced helps us pre-empt challenges and strengthen our collective futures. 

One of our values is addressing structural barriers that people face. It might be that you come from a difficult economic background or that you’re part of a marginalised and/or vulnerable community. The aim of the mentoring programme is to demystify the industry and create inroads to help you get your  foot in the door. 

From attending photography events, gigs and exhibitions to BBC work shadowing and running on film shoots, our previous mentees have been making positive steps towards their creative goals. Mentors have also been supporting young people with interview preparation and getting ready for exams. We’re so excited to welcome eager creatives to 2024’s programme.

Interested in being mentored? If you’re aged 16-25, have big aspirations and need some advice and guidance to get where you want to go then please fill out this form to register your interest.

Interested in being a mentor? Do you have experience in a professional or academic field that you think a young person could really benefit from? Drop us an email telling us a little bit about yourself. You can reach us at [email protected]

Application deadline is 27th February 2024

Any further questions? Please email [email protected]

This programme is funded by the Postcode Society Trust.

Here are some testimonials from the 2023 programme:

From mentees…

J said,“Having access to a senior designer with a wealth of experience and who’s really willing to support me is invaluable and to find them without a programme like this would be really hard. [Mentoring] can make a really huge impact with only a small amount of time investment – it’s been super cool.” 

E said,“Being on the programme got me my first paid gig and got me into the industry – before I had literally no contacts. It’s built my confidence to approach people and network, and I’ve now got production skills and credits.”

C said,“I’ve found the mentoring experience with [my mentor] very fun. We got along very well and her advice is extremely useful. We were able to discuss etiquette and what is expected of an entry level job, but the most important thing she helped me with was building my CV and giving me a week’s work experience. I learned a lot about the realities of the industry and built my base to start trying to gain entry level jobs which, in some ways, was a push to start my career in the industry. I want to deeply thank you for the opportunity you have given me because I was able to grow my confidence as someone going into the film and TV industry!” 

From mentors…

A said,“My peeve with the [film] industry is that a lot of people come from the same backgrounds, same kinds of class, and socio-economic background. Coming from a low-income background, I’m aware of the barriers… we need more of [their mentee] in the industry.” 

Y said,“It’s nice to be able to give [my mentee] the guidance that I wish I’d had. It’s rewarding to feel that what I’m doing is helping him.” 

J said,“[Being a mentor] has made me realise that I’ve got a lot more experience than I previously acknowledged. It’s made me reflect on my own career – I’ve got a lot out of it.”

M said,“[being a mentor] helps me as a manager to ask more open questions, to better understand somebody and their situation. It makes me a better manager”