About us

Creative Opps CIO was established by Creative Opportunities CIC as a charity giving young people access to the tools, networks, and experience that they need to independently achieve their ambitions. 

We deliver user-led programmes, designed by and for young people, to support members in creating positive change for themselves and their communities. Whether this be through mentoring, work experience, or social action, we are here to unlock potential and make a lasting impact on a young person’s life. 

Our mission is to teach young people transferable skills relevant to their interests and guide them to successfully navigate their chosen pathways. Our vision is for all young people to understand the power of their creativity and use it to benefit their communities. Our values are Inclusivity, Diversity, Youth Leadership, Reflection, Innovation and Social Impact.

We welcome every opportunity to work with new people on exciting projects. If your organisation works to improve the lives of young people, or is interested in working with us to expand your reach and impact on young people, or if you’re a young person yourself looking for support, please do get in touch