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Mentoring Pilot

I have an amazing mentor who has continuously shown care and commitment to my concerns and needs. I have been in meetings that has benefited my personal and professional life, like acquiring new skills and improving my cv. The programme has prepared me for my future in a way where I can navigate what road I’d like to go down and grasp every opportunity I can. I would definitely recommend this to other young people as it has made a positive change in my career path.” -‘E’, a participant on our last mentoring programme.

In 2018 Creative Opportunities CIC launched a three-month pilot of our mentoring programme, during which we matched 14 pairs of mentors and mentees, who were supported to apply for scholarships and work experience, learned about relevant university courses they were previously unaware of, attended university open days and a parliamentary debate, and visited the High Court. In 2019, we expanded our mentoring programme and matched 30 pairs of mentees and mentors. All of the mentors were recruited on the basis of their experience in the industries that the mentees were interested in, and were trained by Creative Opportunities to provide the best possible support and experience for the mentees. 

Our mentoring programme is now exclusively managed through Creative Opps CIO. 

Below are photos (with alt text) from the launch of our second mentoring programme, at the brilliant Soapbox Youth Centre in Islington.